April 6, 2010

10 Little Ways to Show that You Love Her

These are ten little ways to show that you love her - girlfriend or wife.  These are not new probably but if you do these ten things, trust me, your love life will greatly flourish. 

  1. Hold her hand in public.
  2. Take the time to call her and tell her that you love her.
  3. Wash her hair.
  4. Photograph her laughing, making faces, serious, or carefree.
  5. Plan a romantic evening and dance the night away.
  6. Write a love letter tuck on her pillow or somewhere where she could find it easily.
  7. Encourage her to follow her dreams.  Be supportive.
  8. Kiss her on the forehead for no reason.
  9. Tell her the things that she does that you appreciate.
  10. Flirt with her and make her feel sexy and special. Notice the new haircut!  Tell her how she looks good in her dress or how wonderful she smells.

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