May 16, 2010

How Do You Know if Someone Likes You Romantically

This question, "Does she like me?  Does he like me?"  can make a person go sleepless for days on end.  How do you know if someone likes you romantically?  This topic is usually what girls would talk about for hours on the phone.  Here is a quick guide for you to know if he/she likes you or not.
  • Observe the person's body language.  Does he mirror your movements?  Let's say you lean forward when talking, does he do the same?  If you are talking to each other, notice if she draws near to you or does she appear distant? Is her stance open (e.g.) like her arms are uncrossed and palms open when talking? 
  • Makes Eye Contact.  A person interested in you would make eye contact when you are having a conversation.  A disinterested person would be looking anywhere and everywhere except at you. 
  • Willing to Spend Time With You.  One of the things you can watch out for, is the person is willing to spend time with you.  The guy or gal will cancel their plans to be with you. 
  • Conversations are Fun.  Do you enjoy your conversations with each other?  Are you always initiating or does the other one initiate a conversation with you too?  It takes two to make conversations fun and interesting.  Usually if both parties enjoy each others company, chances are the guy will ask the girl for a date. And vice-versa, the girl will accept.
  • Makes it a Point to be Around You.  Does the person suddenly appears in unexpected places?  I believe if a person becomes focused on you, you'd end up bumping into each other more often.  They tend to call you for random reasons like I'm just near the neighborhood and I saw that there is a new pizza parlor, are you hungry?  
Conversations, body language, actions, words allow you to get the chance to see if the person is interested in your romantically.  I completely understand that if you like this person, you would want this answer desperately.  My advice!  Don't.  Allow yourself to enjoy the getting to know stage.  If both of you like each other's company, chances are things will develop in an interesting way.  

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