July 18, 2010

Romantic Ideas to Keep Him Excited! Here is What Every Woman Must Have on Her List Right Now

Generally, it's easy to make a guy excited, especially when the relationship is new. But keeping that excitement? Now that's another story. So here are some ideas to keep the romance alive and the excitement high.

Hit the gym.
There is nothing like regular exercise to keep your body healthy and yourself, feeling good. And there's nothing like a physically fit, happy woman to keep a man excited. It takes discipline but the benefits are worth the effort.

Visit the salon.
It isn't all about vanity, it's also therapeutic. After a week of hard work at home and in your job, you need to relieve yourself of stress and one of the best ways to do it is by visiting your favorite beauty parlor, getting a trim or having a manicure or pedicure. This won't only make you look good, it will also make you feel good - both of which makes a man attracted and excited.

Get a new dress if you have to.
It doesn't have to be an expensive designer piece. An inexpensive but attractive outfit that stirs his imagination would get him excited. You can also go for a dress you haven't touched in a long time and have it fixed so it would look new and sexy.

Cook a hearty meal.
Prepare a dish that he hasn't had in a long while. If you can't cook, then there's no harm in giving it a try. Surprise him with a great meal - and if turns out to be not so great, then take him out to a fun-filled dinner.

Massage him to his heart's content.
Loosen those muscles on his nape and shoulders. Men love being touched, it makes them excited. If you wish, you can do better and give him a sensual massage. He would probably forget in an instant that he's tired. Don't forget to have really nice fingernails so he'll feel the sensuality of your massages.

Leave him teasing messages.
Tickle his senses while he's in the office or when he's out doing field work by sending him messages that make his imagination run wild. Keep down on dirty talk - just be a little naughty, enough to keep him excited.

Make a playful bet with him.
Put some excitement, spontaneity and creativity into your relationship. Next time he watches his favorite game, for instance, bet against him and whoever loses becomes a "slave" for a night. Use your imagination.

If you want to keep your man excited, then you need to be consistently on your toes. This will keep him on his.

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