August 6, 2010

How to Destroy a Romance!

Have you been paying attention to your girlfriend lately? Is she happy?

It is amazing how many guys probably could not answer the last question because they may not actually know. Too many couples take each other for granted then wonder why they wake up one morning and their partner is gone for good.

When you first start dating a girl you probably really want to impress her. You take her out to dinner and make her feel very special. This is the courting period when a couple is on a real high of emotion and expectation.
Once the honeymoon phase of the relationship starts to wind down a couple tends to slip into a groove, which determines how the partnership will unfold. It is so easy at this point to become complacent and forget that a little romance goes a long way.

Some men have a habit of forgetting this and wonder why their girlfriend has suddenly become a nagger. They may think they overlooked this at the start instead of realizing she needs attention and a man that appreciates her. As she starts picking up his dirty dishes and washing his clothes she begins to wonder what happened to that romantic guy she first met.

Her guy is obviously oblivious to her thoughts and thinks everything is fine. His girlfriend now disillusioned with the relationship packs up and leaves while he is out with his mates.

Her boyfriend had not seen this coming because he thought he was doing enough to keep her content. He like so many guys had the blinkers on and did not see she wanted more. She wanted to be told he loved her then shown in little ways like flowers and special dates. As women we love to be wooed and if a guy starts treating us like a wife who has been married for twenty years you can guarantee we are going to show our disapproval.

If you have woken up and realize what you have lost you had better move fast but if she was just a trophy girlfriend on your arm to impress your mates then let her go. Both men and women are guilty of this, as some would rather have a partner than be alone. A relationship is the responsibility of both partners to make it loving and caring. If it is left up to one partner to carry the load then it will probably die a natural death.

Smart lovers know how to keep a relationship alive. Spontaneity and impulse keep things interesting along with simple displays of love. Appreciating each other and what you have together is the key to making it last.
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